Value of accounting unit as at Saturday, June 29, 2024 - Fund I : 2.0464 | Fund II : 6.7459 | Fund III : 1.9167 | Fund IV : 5.2148 | Fund V : 1.5614| Fund VI :1.3885



Who we are

Trustfund pensions Limited (“Trustfund”) is a body corporate licensed by the National Pension Commission (the pension regulatory body) as a Pension Fund Administrator pursuant to the Pension Reform Act 2004. Its sole business is the administration and management of retirement savings (pension funds).

However, Trustfund is not just about the administration and management of pension funds, the Company actively seeks to improve the net worth of its clients enabling them to sustain a quality lifestyle at retirement. We deliver world class, innovative, quality pension management services using technology-enabled channels and highly skilled professionals.


Trustfund mobile is an easy to use application from Trustfund Pensions designed to give clients quick access to their retirement savings account information as well as provide useful information to help with retirement planning.


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Totally committed to ensuring we provide that value. We pride ourselves on the fact that we will generate enviable investment returns, making sure that your retirement nest egg grows within the boundaries of our economy. Our commitment to value means that we are also committed to providing excellent service to you at all times

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