About Us

Our Mission

To create future value for the economically active workforce and assure a quality standard of living upon retirement.

Our Vision

Our focus is to be:

  • The leader in terms of market share
  • To be competitive in terms of returns on funds under management
  • The market maker in terms of setting benchmarks on best practices for funds management and customer service.

Value & Principles

Our 4-point definition of self reflects our image, values, and represents “who we are as a Company”.

  • We are conservative
  • We are dependable – We promise good returns without taking unnecessarily high risks;
  • We are a commercially oriented, for profit enterprise;
  • We have a passion for service. Exciting the customer is our business. We understand that without “satisfied customers” we cannot remain in business.

At Trustfund, our sacred trust is to protect against poverty at retirement.

Story Behind Our Success

Trustfund Pensions Limited is a company incorporated in Nigeria. The company is licensed by the National Pension Commission, the pension regulatory body, as a pension fund Administrator in accordance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act 2004. Its sole business is the administration and management of retirement savings (pension funds). At Trustfund Pensions Limited, our sacred trust is to protect people from poverty and provide financial security at retirement. The essence of Trustfund Pensions Limited goes beyond administering and managing pension funds,but also to improving the overall net worth of the average employee and providing a stable means of sustenance after retirement. To achieve its vision of scale and market dominance, Trustfund Pensions Limited delivers world class, innovative, quality pension management products and services at low cost, through technology-enabled channels and highly skilled professionals, combined with an aggressive marketing strategy.

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